An Exceptional Advocate

Rebecca Kagin has the mind of an investigator, the tenacity of a reporter and the heart of a fighter, all of which she used with expert ability in representing my interests in my separation from a former employer. Upon engaging her to review the agreement offered by my employer, she thoroughly examined the document, requested all of the information that I had relating to my employment and was subsequently able to identify several instances in which this employer might not only have engaged in discriminatory practices, but significant violations in wage and labor laws.

What I most enjoyed about working with Rebecca is that I truly felt as if I was working WITH her. In such an adversarial process, it was helpful to have someone be genuinely on my side. She took the time to explain my options, answer my questions, was open to my suggestions and ideas and ultimately encouraged me to do what I felt was best for me to be able to move past an unpleasant situation. For this I am exceedingly grateful.

I cannot praise Rebecca Kagin highly enough for the skill and tenacity with which she represented my interests and I would enthusiastically encourage anyone needing legal representation for an employment matter to contact her first.

Client, Petaluma

Rebecca Kagin Resolves Difficult Work Related Issues


Facing mediation, and or a trial, is very stressful. I was very fortunate to find Rebecca at a very low point in my life after I lost my job. She provided reassurance with her expertise in labor disputes, and professionalism. I was very pleased with how she kept me informed at all times of the status of my case. Rebecca is quick to think on her feet, and thorough. I was very pleased to have her represent me.

Client, Santa Rosa

Excellent Trustworthy Attorney!

Rebecca helped me work through a Separation Agreement as part of my termination from my former employer and she made a difficult and emotional project very easy. She is very easy to talk to and communicates clearly with respect to advocating appropriately for her client. Her vast experience was clearly evident very early into our initial conversation. I would absolutely refer her to my friends and family.

Client, Union City

Hire her

I highly recommend Rebecca and would hire her all over again!!!! She believed in me and kept searching to find the best way to move forward. She is the reason I feel great now and can close that sad chapter in my life! She was very easy to work with and I always felt I could contact her with anything. I had not been treated fairly and she validated my feelings and treated me like a human being.

Client, Napa

“I contacted Rebecca last year as I was seeking legal representation for a dispute with my employer. We spoke for some time and I decided this was the right fit. It is very rare that you meet a person with whom you feel so connected. This legal matter was very frustrating and unsettling for me. Rebecca really helped to show me how to stand up for myself and be the person I wanted to be. This was invaluable and her knowledge of employment law was vast.

Rebecca took the time to help me make realistic goals; she explained all the different scenarios that might happen. She was kind and gentle. Her legal knowledge is amazing, and if she didn’t know something she took the time to research. She either answered my calls immediately or returned them within hours. She went through hundreds of pages of complicated documents and was able to find the key documents I need to receive a favorable outcome.

She has wonderful written skills and I believe that, plus the content of the documents she selected, is why I won.

And the best thing was that she expedited the case, she was able to use her professionalism to show the other side it would be beneficial to wrap this up quickly. In my instance, just a little over two months. This let me get on with my life and put the past away.

Rebecca gave me her time and was generous. She wasn’t one of those lawyers that charge you for every breath you take. Rebecca is down to earth and honest.

I would recommend Rebecca to anyone.”

L.A., Windsor, CA

“I contacted Ms. Kagin at in a moment of sheer desperation. I had experienced unlawful treatment in my workplace, and after filing a complaint through Human Resources, I was subjected to retaliatory behavior. I had exhausted my options with my employer to procure a resolution internally, and I was prepared to seek legal counsel; however, I was completely ignorant of the law and the strength of my case. Even prior to being formally retained, Ms. Kagin thoroughly reviewed the facts of my case, we met in person, and we spoke on the phone.

It was clear to me then that she cared about me, as a person, and that she was committed to seeking a fair resolution on my behalf.  She explained which of my claims had the most strength as well as the pros and cons of litigating. Ms. Kagin patiently and relentlessly worked on my case for 10 months, and she was able to secure a fair separation agreement that will allow me to transition into the next phase of my life with some financial stability.

Ms. Kagin’s work ethic and compassion are unrivaled. She is a true professional, and she treated me and my case with the utmost care and respect. Ms. Kagin is also a wonderful human being, and her passion for justice is inspiring.

I feel blessed and very fortunate to have had Ms. Kagin’s representation, and I highly recommend her without reservation.”

C.F., Rohnert Park

“I first approached Rebecca Kagin with a question. I was on disability at the time, having suffered an illness while I was employed, and I felt that my employer was treating me unfairly — both financially, emotionally, and physically, failing to take into account my disability. I simply wanted to know if I had a case, and if so what case and on what grounds. Rebecca couldn’t have been better! She was very comforting and recognized what I was going through both physically and emotionally, and realized the added pressures from work were only making my recovery more difficult.

Right from the beginning she saw several areas of the law that that could be applied to my case. Just as important, she started gathering information that same day! She knew I had to get as much as possible in writing. She knew that I had limitations — I was a single father with two children and had a recent health event. She started slow in her information-gathering efforts, only asking me what I felt comfortable in providing. She did the rest.

At some point, she suggested bringing on added legal counsel who was more experienced at trying my type of case. Rebecca teamed up with the other attorney, and they made quite a team! In the end, my case was resolved in settlement — a fair settlement to both sides. More importantly, the resolution of my case gave me the time and finances I needed to recover and get back on my feet.I now work at another position, in the same industry.

I would recommend Rebecca Kagin to anyone on any labor, work-related or family issues. She is caring, respectful, careful and has a depth of knowledge on legal issues.”

Anonymous, Petaluma


“Rebecca’s professionalism and thoroughness helped us make some tough decisions which ultimately benefited our team.  We gained confidence that our decisions were fair so that we could move forward in the best manner possible.   Her expertise in employee law helped us make sure we cover the many legal guidelines that so often overwhelm small businesses.”

Veterinary Practice, Southern Sonoma County, Petaluma Chamber of Commerce Member

“After meeting Rebecca at an event and having a preliminary discussion of our needs, I felt confident that she could take care of what we needed. Rebecca informed me of all employment laws that applied to our company and specific circumstances. After educating me on the options and risks, she crafted documentation that we needed. We were able to resolve some issues and move forward with a strong group. Rebecca was efficient and responsive to all requests and I never felt that we were low priority. Her rates are reasonable and provided a great deal of services in a reasonable amount of time. We will contract her again when needed.”

J. Milligan

Pacific eDocument Solutions


As you know, several months ago when my company needed legal advice on a pending employment issue, I asked my corporate attorney for advice. He immediately recommended you. Both he and his law partner told me that you would be their choice in similar circumstances. That made my decision easy.

After explaining the situation you suggested a course of action that we followed. I provided all information requested and you initiated contact with the opposing attorney. After several exchanges the issue was resolved. The results were professional and very cost effective for my company. Thank you.

If I can ever give a recommendation for you or your services, I would be very pleased to provide one. Everything that you did was prompt, professional and extremely effective. I would state that I look forward to working with you again soon, BUT I would rather meet for a social cup of coffee.

With Gratitude,
Jim Winkel
CEO HousingForSeniors
Benicia CA